AIIMS 2018





AIIMS 2018 Results

AIIMS 2018 Results

The results for AIIMS 2018 exam conducted on 26th and 27th May, 2018 will be declared tentatively on 18th June, 2018.

Roll numbers of candidates who qualify for admission will be available on AIIMS website

The Institute will not intimate unsuccessful candidates individually regarding the result of Entrance Test. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained. However, the marks/Percentile Scores of individual candidate will be made available on AIIMS Website

Requests for re-evaluation/re-checking will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Selected candidates are required to report to the respective AIIMS to undergo medical examination by a Medical Board consisting of Faculty Members set up by the respective Institute. If, in the assessment of the Medical Board, a candidate is found medically unfit to the course, then he/she will be not admitted and the decision of the Medical Board shall be final.

Note:As the AIIMS MBBS exam is conducted online, there will no release of answer keys.

Scheme of Marking

Each correct response will get a score of 1 mark

Each incorrect response will result in deduction of -1/3 (minus one third)

No mark will be awarded for questions not answered or marked for review.

AIIMS 2018 Results

The score such obtained will be the ‘Raw score’ that will be used to determine percentage score and percentile (for the purpose of eligibility using cut-offs) and Normalization (for the purpose of determining merit/ranking).

Method Of Resolving Ties

The overall merit/ranking shall be based on the Percentile scores of the Total Raw Scores. The method adopted for breaking ties (similar Percentiles) shall be:

Biology:Higher Percentile scores in Biology will result in higher ranking

Chemistry: If Biology Percentiles do not break the tie, higher Percentile scores in Chemistry will result in higher ranking

Physics: If Biology and Chemistry Percentiles do not break the tie, higher Percentile scores in Physics will result in higher ranking

Age: If Biology, Chemistry, Physics Percentiles do not break the tie, the candidate elder by age will be ranked higher

Brief Description Of The Step-By-Step Procedure For Normalization And Of Merit/Ranking In The AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2018

Distribution of Examinees in two shift per day

Applicants would be allotted into four groups randomly such that these groups are approximately equal in number. These four groups would be First, Second shifts on Day 1 and Day 2 . In the event of lesser number of shifts, the candidates will be divided accordingly. This will ensure that there is no bias in the distribution of candidates who take the examination. Further, with a large population of examinees spread over the entire country such possibility of a bias becomes remote.

Preparation of Results for each Shift

The examination results for each shift would be prepared in the form of

  • Raw Scores
  • Percentages
  • Percentiles (up to 7 decimal places) separately for each of the four subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and General Knowledge) and the Total.
  • The Percentile of the Total shall not be an aggregate or average of the Percentile of individual subjects.

The following 5 Percentiles would be calculated for each student

Let T, S1, S2, S3, S4 denote the raw marks obtained in Total, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Knowledge:

AIIMS 2018 Results

Preparation of Overall Rank/Merit List

The Percentile scores for the Total Marks for both shifts as mentioned above would be merged and arranged so as to derive an overall Merit List/Ranking.

Please Note that the percentile score is not the same as percentage of marks obtained.

Resolving Ties

In case of a tie (identical Total Percentile) the order of deciding higher rank/merit would be: Percentile in Biology, Percentile in Chemistry, Percentile in Physics, Percentile in General Knowledge, elder by age.