NEET 2018 Answer Key

NEET 2018 Answer Key

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will release the official NEET answer key 2018 in online mode before the result is announced. The official answer key of NEET 2018, to be conducted on May 6, 2018, will be released tentatively in the first week of June 2018.

Before the release of NEET official answer key, CBSE will also release the scanned OMR answer sheets of individual candidates. Candidates get an opportunity to challenge the responses of OMR sheet and even the answers given in the official answer key of NEET 2018 . CBSE will charge an amount of INR 1000/- per answer challenged or per OMR response challenged, which will be refunded in case the challenge is accepted by the CBSE Board. After considering all the challenges made by candidates. CBSE will also release a revised official answer key containing the accepted challenges.

Important Dates of NEET 2018 Answer Key

Events Date
NEET 2018 May 6, 2018
Display of OMR response sheet Last week of May 2018
Challenging of OMR responses Two days from the display of OMR sheet
Release of NEET 2018 official answer key First week of June 2018
Challenging answers of NEET official answer key 2018 Two days from the display of official answer key
Declaration of NEET result 2018 05.06.2018
Release of Revised Official NEET Answer Key 2018 Second week of June 2018

NEET 2018 Questions and Marks Distribution

Subject Questions Marks
Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Botany 45 180
Zoology 45 180
Total 180 720

NEET 2018 Marking Scheme

Answer Type Score
Correct Response/Answer +4 Marks
Incorrect Response/Answer -1 Mark
Unanswered 0

Option for regional languages along with examination centres are available as per following details

Medium of Question Paper Examination Centres
English and Hindi All Examination Centre Cities
English & Assamese Examination Centre Cities in Assam
English & Bengali Examination Centre Cities in West Bengal and Tripura
English & Gujarati Examination Centre Cities in Gujarat, Daman, Dadar & Nagar Haveli
English & Kannada Examination Centre Cities in Karnataka
English & Marathi Examination Centre Cities in Maharashtra
English & Oriyas Examination Centre Cities in Odisha
English & Tamil Examination Centre Cities in Tamil Nadu
English & Telugu Examination Centre Cities in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
English & Urdu All Examination Centre Cities

How to calculate NEET 2018 score?

Official answer key of NEET 2018 will help the candidates to calculate the probable marks they are likely to score in NEET 2018 with the most accuracy. Candidates can go through the following procedure to accurately calculate their NEET 2018 score.

  • After NEET Answer key 2018 is released by CBSE, candidates can compare the responses as recorded on OMR response sheet against the answers given in the official answer key of NEET 2018.
  • At this point, candidates must match the set/code and language of the question paper with the set/code and language of NEET answer key 2018, with which they are comparing. The sets and languages of the answer keys will be mentioned at the top of OMR sheet and NEET answer keys 2018.
  • Now, calculate the number of correct and incorrect responses. In case more than one response is marked for an answer, candidates must consider it as ‘unanswered’.
  • Put the number of correct and incorrect responses recorded from third step in the formula NEET 2018 Score= [4*(Number of Correct Responses)] – [1*(Number of Incorrect Responses)]

A candidate can get a maximum of 720 marks in NEET 2018, given that there will be 180 questions in NEET question paper 2018. Out of 180 questions, Physics and Chemistry will comprise of 45 questions each and 90 questions from Biology.

How to challenge NEET official answer key 2018?

  • Click on the link to challenge the responses of NEET official answer key 2018.(Link will be provided soon)
  • Enter your login credentials, i.e. registration number and password provided at the time of filling NEET 2018 application form.
  • Next, click on Key Challenge tab to begin the process of challenging responses given in official answer key of NEET 2018.
  • Select your Test Booklet Code which is same as the NEET 2018 question paper code.
  • Select the question/questions whose answer/answers you wish to challenge and click on ‘submit’.
  • Now, select the answer/answers which is correct according to you for every question you chose to challenge. Although not mandatory, you may choose to put your comments for more justification about why the answer given in NEET official answer key 2018 is wrong and why you think the other one is a correct answer.
  • Next, click on Confirm and make the payment of requisite answer key for successfully submitting the challenges. For every answer challenged in official answer key of NEET 2018, one will be required to pay INR 1,000/- per response challenged.
  • Finally print the confirmation slip of payment as it appears on the screen.

Challenging NEET OMR Response Sheet

Candidates will be allowed to challenge the NEET OMR response sheets released by CBSE. OMR response sheet is the image of the responses marked by a candidate in NEET answer sheet in the examination. NEET OMR response sheets will be made available a few days before the display of NEET answer key 2018. In case a candidate feels that some of the responses as they appear in the image of NEET OMR response sheet are incorrect or an option other than the option marked by them is marked in the image, then candidates can challenge those responses.

How to challenge NEET OMR response sheet 2018?

  • Candidates can click on the link (link will be provide soon).
  • Now, they will need to enter their login credentials including Registration Number and Password.
  • Now, they can check the scanned images of their NEET OMR response sheets and challenge the responses they feel are marked incorrectly or are not marked at all (compared to the responses marked by them in the actual examination).
  • To complete the process of challenging the OMR response sheet of NEET, candidates will be required to pay a requisite fee of INR 1000/- per response challenged by them. In case the challenge is accepted by CBSE, the amount paid by the candidate will be refunded back to him/her.